Digital is really about people: what I’ve learned from working with the University of Bristol Digital Experience team

A guest post by Neil Gunn, Digital Delivery and Performance Consultant.

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with the University’s in-house Digital Experience team since November 2022, to support them in a consultancy capacity to optimise their internal process and workflows, and make the most out of their limited resource.

On my last day with the team, I’ve paused to reflect on what I’ve learned about them and myself.


Why every digital team needs a ‘DPAB’

I published a post last summer about the positive effect a new project management framework was having for us and those we work with. A lot has happened since then, but, through it all, DPAB has doggedly and determinedly continued to meet every Wednesday to triage, assess and prioritise. We couldn’t do without it. So, what is DPAB and why do you need one?